Core Service

The FLC Approach™ combines the rigor and effectiveness of business improvement models like Lean and Six Sigma with the sustainability elements of behavioral coaching and change management techniques.

The focus of the FLC Approach™ is on affecting measurable and sustainable changes in both behavior and process that lead to significant business results. At the conclusion of the seven-step approach, your frontline management teams will:

  • Have an intimate knowledge of what their organization is capable, i.e., the current capacity of their people and processes.
  • Have a thorough understanding of their customers’ Service, Delivery and Quality needs and what’s required to meet them.
  • Be constantly in step with their areas’ performance and the operating problems affecting it
  • Be closely in tune with the nature and magnitude of their area’s top 5 operating problems and engaged in addressing them, in order of magnitude.

To learn about the FLC Approach™ and the multiple ways in which a host of organizations have benefited from using our unique approach, contact us or visit our Track Record page. 

Integrated Solutions

In addition to our core service, FrontLine Coach provides a series of solutions ranging from Business Coaching to Supplier Development Services.



IT Service Management (ITSM) Consulting Services

Transform you end-to-end ITSM organization and deliver sustainable performance improvements in Quality, Service, Delivery and Cost.

Business Coaching

Take your business to the next level by developing an engaged, high-performing and creative organization

Industrial and Operations Engineering

Maximize workflow, improve facility efficiency, minimize downtime and increase utilization

Lean Six Sigma Training / Coaching

Ensure the success of your Green and Black Belt certification candidates and maximize their contribution to your organization's bottom line and customer's success

Maintenance Management Development Optimize the performance of your organization's capital assets by equipping your Maintenance Management team with effective management tools and processes

Operational Due Diligence Services (ODD)

Evaluate and quantify the hidden risk and opportunity associated with your next investment by performing a due diligence investigation of its operations and human capital

Performance Management Systems Audit

Evaluate your systems' capability for managing safety, quality, delivery and cost, including recommendations

Process Capability Studies

Evaluate your organization's real capability, its current performance, gap analysis and recommendations

Professional Workshop Series
Applications of the FLC Coaching Process™

Tap the potential of your Human Resources and Leadership teams by equipping them with effective management tools and processes

Setup & changeover time reduction

Run your changeovers like a NASCAR pit stop, save tens of thousands of dollars and increase your company's speed and agility

Strategic Planning Prepare your organization to take advantage and mitigate the risks associated with the political, economic, social and technological changes affecting your industry and your clients'

Supervisory Effectiveness Assessment

Evaluate your supervisor's attitudes, skills, knowledge and behaviors, including recommendations

Supplier Development

Assess and help improve the cost, quality and delivery performance of your most critical suppliers and strategic partners and drive continuous improvement throughout your supply chain.

Workforce Planning Model

Properly plan for, allocate and maximize the utilization of your human capital and equipment with this customized, easy to use tool and methodology